How People Make the World

Hans TenDam

ISBN: 9781445762050 - 318 pagina's €37.99

A road-map for world-citizens. This original and profound work maps the world's most pressing political issues around ten challenges. Uniquely, this work bridges the gap between individual action and global issues. This work is written for politicians, administrators, journalists, and activists; for people in international agencies and associations; and most importantly, for every one of us who -- lucky enough to live in a democracy -- wants to act effectively and choose wisely. Subjects: • The Atlas Syndrome • How to Develop Civilization: From Confucius to Toynbee • Cruelty, Torture and Terror • Limits to Manageability • Depletion and Pollution of the Environment • Leisure and Unemployment in Post-Industrial Society • The Politics of Democracy • Injustice, Corruption and Revolt • Struggling Nations at Odds • Global Warfare • Global Emergencies • Nihilism • Road Maps for World Citizens. With a preface by the Secretary-General of the Club of Rome